At Greenbrier Bushcraft our focus is on long-term wilderness living. We are not survivalists, preppers, or concerned with a collapse of society, nor are we re-creationists of any type. We are though very traditional in our approach to long-term wilderness living, at the same time we are not adverse to modern means and the incorporation of new sciences.

Our sole goal is to succeed, not to suffer. It is our belief that man, in our natural state, is a powerful being and our countenance should reflect that. We seek to thrive in our chosen environment and to extend that to our surroundings as well.

We accomplish this by marrying traditional woodsmanship, bushcraft and primitive living skills with permaculture and a deeper understanding of forest ecology.

Our practices help heal the mistakes of clear-cutting, invasive species introduction, and improper resource management. We see ourselves as stewards of the wilderness, as Cernunnos embodied in man. Come join us on the Wild Hunt.
Justin Lowthorp @Greenbrier Bushcraft



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