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Definitive Guide To Tomahawk Axe Throwing - VikingHawks

Definitive Guide To Tomahawk Axe Throwing - VikingHawks


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1) Take the appropriate number of steps back. One of the biggest tricks of throwing a tomahawk accurately is getting the proper distance from your target. It's not a long distance activity. To throw a tomahawk, start with your back at the target, as if you were in a old-timey duel. Mark off five normal steps and turn abruptly, squaring yourself up with the target.

  • Consider marking the spot in your target area so you won't have to count if off every time you want to throw. Mark a line in the dirt with your toe, or with sticks to make it easy on yourself.

2) Bring the tomahawk up in a slow, straight, controlled manner. Keep your arm very straight, holding onto the tomahawk firmly. Let your elbow flex slightly when you reach the apex before you start bringing the tomahawk forward. At this point, your elbow should be roughly next to your ear.

  • It's not in the wrist. Using your wrist won't only make you less accurate, the weight of the tomahawk will put stress on your wrist which can potentially lead to wrist pain.
  • Be very careful. If you bring the tomahawk back too quickly you may lose control, accidentally release it too soon, and throw it backwards.


    3) Bring it forward. At the same speed you brought it back, start bringing it forward. You won't bring it very far forward before you release it, but the motion is similar to an overhand football or baseball throw. Stay standing very straight, keeping both feet on the ground. Don't take a step forward or backward as you throw.

    • Throwing is about the weight of the tomahawk and your natural easy motion, not a quick flick or an aggressive pitch. A common misconception is that you must throw the tomahawk with all of your strength, but in fact the proper technique involves a fairly slow motion, focusing on maintaining that straight line and keeping the tomahawk on track.


    4) Release the tomahawk. When you see the middle of the handle in the top right corner of your field of vision, let go, letting your arm follow through and complete the motion back down to your side. By the time your hand is level with your eyes you should have already released the tomahawk.

    • Don't release later because the tomahawk needs to spin and releasing too late will make it spin into the ground. Likewise, releasing too early will send your tomahawk flying too high. It'll take some practice, but after a few throws you should have your timing dialed in.


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